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Freedom Glitter

Andrina (Hologram Glitter)

Andrina (Hologram Glitter)

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Type: Hologram

Color: Purple 

Size: 1/64 (This is the fine version of Alana) 

Weight: 2oz of glitter in bag/shaker or 20oz of glitter in jar

Glitter that match: Alana 

**Please note that due to the type of glitter this size tends to clump up, be sure to shake the bottle well before use**

*This product is cosmetic grade 

*Glitter is dispensed BY WEIGHT. The weight of glitter is listed above and does not vary from shaker to bag. You will receive the same amount of glitter no matter what packaging option you choose.

*Due to variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors

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