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Freedom Glitter

Shimmerdex Pack (Micro Fine Glitter)

Shimmerdex Pack (Micro Fine Glitter)

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This pack includes:

  • 1 - Pidgey (Red Pearl Shimmer)

  • 1 - Igglybuff  (Pink Pearl Shimmer)

  • 1 - Charmander (Orange Pearl Shimmer) 

  • 1 - Pichoo (Yellow Pearl Shimmer)

  • 1 - Bulbasaur (Green Pearl Shimmer) 

  • 1 - Squirtle (Blue Pearl Shimmer) 

  • 1 - Gastly (Purple Pearl Shimmer)

**ALL glitters in this pack are 1/256.

**THESE ARE A MICROFINE GLITTER (not a mica powder). It is most commonly used on double sided adhesive sheets or as an epoxy additive. We recommend using a brush when apply to double sided adhesive**

**Colors cannot be substituted

**Glitter is dispensed BY WEIGHT. The weight of glitter is listed above and does not vary from shaker to bag. You will receive the same amount of glitter no matter what packaging option you choose.

**Due to variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors

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